Athletic Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Custom Mouth Guards in Danvers, MA

Nightguards in Danvers MA

We provide custom-made mouth guards at Danvers Dental Associates for a variety of reasons. For example, our athletic mouth guards will help protect your teeth and gums during sporting activities. A simple investment in a custom sports mouth guard can prevent painful and expensive oral injuries.

We also offer night guards to relieve the effects of bruxism or teeth grinding during sleep. This unconscious habit can wear down your teeth and even leave you with jaw problems. But our night guard will absorb the pressure of teeth grinding, protecting your teeth and jaw joints.

If you do suffer from jaw issues, also known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), we can help. We provide mouth guards designed to relieve these symptoms including pain and stiffness.

All of our mouth guards are always designed and created for your unique needs. Find out more by calling us now at (978) 774-1531.

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